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  • Send fan mail to authors [8]
  • Raise your hands after each allahu akbar [2]
  • Add new comment [2]
  • When performing Eid Salah always Follow the imam’s lead [8]
  • Step 1 make an intention of doing two rakat behind the Imam for Eid Prayer along with six additional takbirs [2]
  • Step 2 after the Imam has said allahu akbar the first time you should Raise your hands and Follow [2]
  • Eid Al adha is nearing as the muslim population of the world is ready to Celebrate their most important festival [1]
  • ↑ https article how-to-perform-eid-ul-adha-prayer [8]
  • Eid al-adha arabic عيد الأضحى ‎ celebrated on the tenth day of dhu al-hijjah after the day of arafah the main day of the hajj pilgrimage season [5]
  • Each time the Imam says allahu akbar you should Follow by raising your hands then putting them on your sides [2]
  • Step 8 the Imam will first Recite from the holy quran first surah Al fatiha and another surah [2]
  • Step 10 Stand up straight when the Imam says sami allah huliman hamidah and say rabbana lakal hamd in a low voice [2]
  • Reflect on how good it is to be together with your neighbors and community performing Eid Salah together [8]
  • Eid Salah is only performed twice a year so it’s a special occasion [8]
  • Don’t Offer any voluntary prayers before or after Eid [8]
  • Eid al-fitr arabic عيد الفطر ‎ celebrated on the first day of the islamic month of shawwal after the fasting in the holy month of ramadan [5]
  • Preparing for Eid Salah [8]
  • Step 5 when the Imam says allahu akbar go into ruku the bowing position [2]
  • Step 12 after this you Sit for the complete tashshahud [2]
  • Eid al-adha [5]
  • You can also take this time to reflect on what Eid Salah means to you [8]
  • Then muslims will Follow the Imam by raising both hands put to the ears and stating allahu akbar completing the first takbir to Enter in the salat [1]
  • Remember to Follow the pacing of the Imam and not to rush ahead [8]
  • After you Finish the second sujud you can stay on the ground rather than standing back up [8]
  • Call to Prayer adhan [5]
  • Eid 2018 when is Eid Al adha [1]
  • When is Eid Al adha in the uk is it Eid today [1]

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