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  • She was Born in baltimore maryland on march 26 1940 making her 78 Years Old [8]
  • When Nancy was Born her father was a Democratic congressman from maryland and he became mayor of baltimore seven Years later [1]
  • Perlmutter who backed tim ryan over Pelosi in 2016 told me for me and i’m even more emphatic about it than i was two Years ago this is about change [5]
  • When she was seven Years Old he became the city's first italian-american mayor [4]
  • In the Trump era Pelosi told me it was obvious that the democrats could not afford to let the president dominate every news cycle [5]
  • Pelosi who has served in congress since 1987 secured the 218 votes necessary to become speaker and remains the only woman ever to hold the position [8]
  • Who is Nancy Pelosi and how Old is she [8]
  • Pelosi was Born Nancy patricia d'alesandro on march 26 1940 in baltimore [4]
  • Trump told Pelosi and schumer that he could not work with them until they stopped investigating him [1]
  • Alexandra Pelosi was Born in 1969 and grew up in a family that regularly pitched in to help during Democratic political campaigns [4]
  • Of course Pelosi told me Trump said the same thing to her on the phone just after he was elected [5]
  • By contrast during Nancy pelosi’s four Years as speaker there was no confusion as to who was in control [5]
  • Nancy Pelosi holding out for dreams. san francisco chronicle june 9 1996 p [4]
  • Pelosi was Born into an italian-american family and is the youngest of six children [8]
  • Pelosi was Born in baltimore to an italian-american family [1]
  • In 2008 Pelosi said for Years i have opposed the embargo on cuba [1]
  • Pelosi told me a few days before the election that she wouldn’t find it necessary to stay on if a democrat became president in 2020 [5]
  • She faces more division in her caucus than she ever had before the former Pelosi aide told me [5]
  • Pelosi ran for the post against fellow law-maker harold ford jr [4]
  • According to roll call Pelosi and her husband hold properties worth at least $14.65 million including a st [1]
  • Pelosi became the first woman to hold such a post in congress. [4]
  • This year’s Democratic candidate for nye’s Old seat was elaine luria a 43-year-old former navy commander [5]
  • With her election Pelosi became the first woman the first californian and the first italian-american to hold the speakership [1]
  • In 1991 on a visit to the same tiananmen square where the chinese army had killed protesters two Years earlier Pelosi held up a protest sign. [4]
  • Pelosi holds up a report on anti-gay violence during a news conference at the national press club in washington on march 19 1992 [3]
  • Her closest political confidant george miller told me that Pelosi had never made such an indication to him [5]
  • Early in her career a close associate told me Pelosi hired a speech coach and studied videos of herself with no discernible improvement [5]
  • In 1976 she was elected as a Democratic national committee member from california a position she would hold until 1996 [1]
  • Their neighborhood was a loyal Democratic party stronghold in maryland politics [4]
  • Shuler managed to collect just 43 of the Democratic caucus’s 193 votes six Years later ryan took 63 to pelosi’s 134 [5]

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Pelosi has

  • Supported the development of New technologies to reduce u.s [1]
  • Been outspoken in her criticism of president george w [4]
  • Voted to increase medicare and medicaid benefits [1]
  • Widely supported conservation programs and energy research appropriations [1]
  • Been known to say no one gives you power [5]
  • Despite first running for office at age 47 Pelosi Has managed to become the most powerful woman in washington. [2]
  • Long supported lgbt rights [1]
  • Never faced a serious challenger to her left in her district [1]
  • Been credited for spearheading president obama's health-care law when it seemed that it would go down in defeat [1]

Pelosi speaks

  • During a News conference in statuary hall at the u.s [3]
  • During a News conference on feb [3]
  • With reporters before going to the white House to meet with president barack obama on oct [3]

Pelosi supported

  • The nato-led military intervention in libya in 2011 [1]
  • Israel in the 2014 israel gaza conflict [1]

Pelosi represents

  • One of the safest Democratic districts in the country [1]
  • California's 12th congressional district which consists of four-fifths of the city and county of san francisco [8]

Pelosi supports

  • The syria accountability act and iran freedom and support act [1]
  • The bush obama nsa surveillance program prism [1]

Pelosi won

  • A year later Pelosi Won another important first when House minority leader richard a [4]
  • The 1987 special election as well as the next regular election in 1988 [4]

Pelosi told

  • In the Trump era Pelosi Told me it was obvious that the Democrats could not afford to let the president dominate every News cycle [5]
  • Of course Pelosi Told me Trump said the same thing to her on the phone just after he was elected [5]
  • Me a few days before the election that she wouldn’t find it necessary to stay on if a democrat became president in 2020 [5]

Pelosi is

  • After the Democrats took back the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi Is back in the spotlight [6]
  • Nancy Pelosi Is one of the few members of Congress to have traveled to north korea [1]
  • Nancy Pelosi Is the first woman in american history to lead a political party in Congress [4]
  • A member of the House baltic caucus [1]
  • Something of a paradox in the world of politics [5]
  • Nothing if not purposeful [5]
  • Through her marriage Pelosi Is a distant relative of professional soccer player marc Pelosi although the two have never met [1]
  • A board member of the national organization of italian american women [1]

House minority

  • As House Minority leader Pelosi led the 206 Democrats in opposing various policies of the republican white House and Congress [4]
  • In 2001 Pelosi was elected the House Minority whip second-in-command to Minority leader dick gephardt of missouri [1]
  • Pelosi was a founding member of the congressional progressive caucus but left in 2003 after being elected House Minority leader [1]
  • Two days after the election at just before 10 a.m. Pelosi let me into her office in the House Minority leader’s suite [5]
  • A year later Pelosi won another important first when House Minority leader richard a [4]
  • His competitor was House Minority whip steny hoyer of maryland who had been Pelosi's second-in-command since 2003 [1]
  • In 2002 her fellow Democratic party lawmakers voted to make her House Minority leader [4]
  • Whip 2002 2003 [1]
  • Leader 2011 2019 [1]
  • Leader 2003 2007 2011 2019 [1]

House of

  • Representatives in which she would serve many Years later. [4]
  • After the Democrats took back the House Of representatives Nancy Pelosi is back in the spotlight [6]
  • Representatives for the first time in forty Years [4]
  • Pelosi delivers remarks at a gathering celebrating her election as the first female Speaker Of the House Of representatives on jan [3]
  • In 2017 after Democrats lost four consecutive special elections in the House Of representatives Pelosi's leadership was again called into question [1]
  • Democratic party members Of the united states House Of representatives [1]
  • Representatives. [4]
  • Representatives [1]
  • Representatives 2007 2011 2019 present [1]
  • Speakers Of the united states House Of representatives [1]
  • Representatives since 1987 when voters in san francisco chose her to represent them in washington [4]

House she

  • As Speaker of the House She is second in the presidential line of succession immediately after the vice president [1]
  • As Speaker of the House She also spearheaded the fair minimum wage act of 2007 as part of the 100-hour plan [1]

House democrats

  • As Speaker Pelosi was still the leader of the House Democrats the Speaker is considered to be the leader of his or her House caucus [1]
  • On november 28 House Democrats nominated Pelosi to once again serve as Speaker of the House [1]
  • Of tennessee but House Democrats chose Pelosi by a vote of 177 to 29 [4]
  • In a sign of the strength of a New generation House Democrats chose hakeem jeffries for their no [5]
  • Bush's reelection in 2004 several leading House Democrats believed that Democrats should pursue impeachment proceedings against the president [1]
  • Leader of the House Democrats 2003 present [1]

House in

  • Pelosi participates In the women's march walk to the white House In washington on jan [3]
  • Newt gingrich who became Speaker of the House In 1995 had a similar 100-day agenda to implement the contract with america [1]


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