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  • Detroit cnn Joe Biden is 76 Years Old [5]
  • If he were to run in 2020 Biden would be 77 Years Old on election day and 78 on inauguration day in 2021 [1]
  • Biden was Born in scranton pennsylvania and lived there for ten Years before moving with his family to delaware [1]
  • If he wins the white house in 2020 he will be 78 Years Old when he takes office. [5]
  • Many voters told vox that biden’s Years of experience in washington could be considered an argument in favor of electing him President [6]
  • He told the same story in 2014 as having been okay 15 Years before [8]
  • Now after the election Old photos of the united states' current vice President Joe Biden have resurfaced [7]
  • Trump who would be the oldest President ever if he wins a second term has faced questions about his own physical and mental fitness for Years [3]
  • At age 30 the minimum age required to hold the office Biden became the sixth-youngest senator in u.s [1]
  • On may 30 2015 Biden's son beau Biden died at age 46 after having battled brain cancer for several Years [1]
  • Mitchell head of the delaware naacp later said that Biden adequately represented our community for many Years but he quivered that one time on busing [1]
  • I think Biden represents Old moderate democratic norms. [6]
  • Biden’s vigor saying on cbs in april if you travel with Joe Biden you won’t think he’s too old. [3]
  • This photo featuring Biden as a 26-year-old especially tugged at the heartstrings [7]
  • His paternal third great-grandfather william Biden was Born in sussex england and immigrated to the united states [1]
  • Jill Biden flat-out told voters they should consider her husband because he had the best chance to beat trump [6]
  • Biden spent 28 Years as a junior senator due to the two-year seniority of his republican colleague william v [1]
  • His fitness was self-evident Biden told reporters [2]
  • Biden was Born on november 20 1942 at st [1]
  • Born november 20 1942 is an american politician who served as the 47th vice President of the united states from 2009 to 2017 [1]
  • Biden would become the oldest President in history at his inauguration at 78 surpassing ronald reagan who was 73 when he began his second term [3]
  • Biden would pass the 14-year rule three times over with five Years to spare [8]
  • Kennedy and in two prior Years to have done the same with a 1976 passage from hubert h [1]
  • A single father for five Years he left standing orders that he be interrupted in the senate at any time if his sons called [1]
  • He told her that he aimed to become a senator by the age of 30 and then President [1]
  • At age 74 on inauguration day in january 2017 he would have been the oldest President on inauguration in history [1]
  • That’s in part owing to voters starting to pay attention to media coverage which these days includes a fair amount of biden’s gaffes murray told vox [6]
  • People who know him have told me that the former vice President has decided out of both strategy and conviction that he should never apologize [8]
  • Joe Biden President Campaign website [1]
  • Mccain died at the age of 81 after dealing with the same cancer that Joe Biden's late son beau Biden died of [1]

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Biden has

  • Everyone else so far who’s made the Age arguments against Biden Has made them very carefully [8]
  • Been characterized as a moderate democrat [1]
  • Called his role in affecting balkans policy in the mid-1990s his proudest moment in public life that related to foreign policy [1]
  • Had no recurrences or effects from the aneurysms since then [1]
  • Further indemnified himself from his loopiness by embracing it [2]
  • Always been known for going off the cuff and saying things that get him into trouble [6]
  • Repeatedly referred to former british prime minister theresa may as the late margaret thatcher [6]
  • Supported closer economic ties with russia [1]
  • A strong stance on sexual assault [1]
  • More energy than they do [3]
  • Described himself as a tactile politician and admitted that this behavior Has caused trouble for him in the past [1]

Biden would

  • If he were to run in 2020 Biden Would be 77 Years Old on election day and 78 on inauguration day in 2021 [1]
  • Become the oldest President in history at his inauguration at 78 surpassing ronald reagan who was 73 when he began his second term [3]
  • Pass the 14-year rule three times over with five Years to spare [8]
  • Though bernie sanders who’s 14 months older than Biden Would outdo both. [8]
  • On august 22 2008 barack Obama announced that Biden Would be his running mate [1]
  • Fit that ideological bill but Mr [3]
  • Credit her with renewing his interest in both politics and life [1]

Biden is

  • Detroit cnn Joe Biden Is 76 Years Old [5]
  • Voters are wondering aloud if Biden Is too Old [6]
  • The first united states vice President from Delaware and the first roman catholic to attain that office [1]
  • Joe Biden Is looking for that sweet spot between wise and over the hill. [8]
  • Tfw young Joe Biden Is ur home screen tehanpydxj [7]
  • Vice President Biden Is in excellent physical condition said dr [3]
  • A member of the democratic party Biden Is a candidate for President in the 2020 election [1]
  • An inductee of the Delaware volunteer firemen's association hall of fame [1]
  • Sensitive to questions about his Age [8]
  • Secret service codename given to Biden Is celtic referencing his irish roots [1]
  • Even after taking hits at the debate last week Biden Is still at the top of all the polls [8]

Biden also

  • Represented Delaware in the u.s [1]
  • Served as a pallbearer at sen [1]

Biden supported

  • In foreign policy Biden Supported the nato-led military intervention in libya in 2011 [1]
  • This amendment saying i am sure it comes as a surprise to some of my colleagues .. [1]

Biden voted

  • To acquit on both charges during the impeachment of President clinton [1]
  • In october 2002 Biden Voted in favor of the authorization for use of military force against iraq justifying the iraq war [1]
  • For this compromise which angered his local voters [1]

Biden gave

  • On february 28 2016 Biden Gave a speech at the 88th academy awards to do with awareness for sexual assault he also introduced lady gaga [1]
  • The eulogy at mccain's funeral service in phoenix arizona [1]

Biden did

  • Biden's spokesman stated that Biden Did not recall the behavior described [1]
  • Miss his annual thanksgiving tradition of going to nantucket opting instead to travel abroad and meet with several european leaders [1]

Biden notes

  • In his memoirs Biden Notes that staffers were taking bets on how long he would last [1]
  • In the retelling when he asked the individual if he wanted to jog along with him on a steamy summer morning the heckler demurred [3]

Biden said

  • I’m still holding on to that torch Biden Said and a mini-melee erupted onstage [8]
  • During the transition phase of the Obama administration Biden Said he was in daily meetings with Obama and that mccain was still his friend [1]
  • At a 2007 Campaign event Biden Said i know a lot of my opponents out there say i'd be a great secretary of state [1]
  • He was striving to preserve thomas's right to privacy and the decency of the hearings [1]
  • On october 21 the anniversary of his choice to not run Biden Said he wished he was still in high school so he could take trump behind the gym [1]
  • At a fund-raiser in california where he spoke in broad strokes about the democratic field [3]
  • In response Biden Said that he was not meaning to use the term boy in its derogatory racial context [1]
  • In october 2018 Biden Said if democrats retake the house of representatives i hope they don't impeach trump [1]
  • Murphy supporters at a community center gymnasium Biden Said there are a lot of people out there who are frightened [1]
  • He was closely involved in all the cabinet appointments that were made during the transition [1]
  • Iraq could be one of the great achievements of this administration [1]

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