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  • Temple declined to give his own age insisting that he was more than 200 Years Old an apparent reference to his costume [5]
  • Bernard Sanders Born september 8 1941 is an american politician who has served as the junior united states senator from vermont since 2007 [1]
  • Biden and Sanders the independent senator from vermont hold higher profiles than most of their potential competitors in the Democratic primary [3]
  • 78 Years Old [2]
  • More vt insights are Bernie Sanders joe biden too Old to run in 2020 [6]
  • Bernie Sanders i-vt 70-year-old sen [5]
  • Sanders's son and only biological child levi Sanders was Born in 1969 to girlfriend susan campbell mott [1]
  • As a young person long before i ever held any position i was active in opposition to the war in vietnam Sanders told the new york times in may [4]
  • His mother dorothy Sanders née glassberg 1912 1960 was Born in new york city to jewish immigrant parents from poland and russia [1]
  • Sanders considers jane's three children dave driscoll Born 1975 carina driscoll Born 1974 and heather titus née driscoll 1971 to be his own [1]
  • Sanders was Born on september 8 1941 in brooklyn new york city [1]
  • All told about 60% of people who'd be satisfied with Sanders as nominee would also be satisfied with biden as the nominee [4]
  • Sanders has zeroed-in on Campaign finance reform for years. [4]
  • Two Years later Sanders ran for the seat again and defeated smith by a margin of 56% to 39% [1]
  • Should he win Sanders who was Born sept [6]
  • Sanders told cnn i owe my brother an enormous amount [1]
  • Sanders has been outspoken on mass incarceration for many Years but did vote for a 1994 crime bill that many critics feel made the problem worse. [4]
  • As president i would certainly look at a very different military budget Sanders told vox in may [4]
  • As a mayor i did my best to stop american foreign policy which for Years was overthrowing governments in latin america and installing puppet regimes. [4]
  • Third Party officeholders in the united states [1]
  • In april 2015 Sanders announced his Campaign for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president of the united states [1]
  • In february 2019 Sanders announced a second presidential Campaign joining multiple other Democratic candidates pursuing the Party nomination [1]
  • Sanders had declined the vermont Democratic Party nomination for u.s [1]
  • Democratic Party united states senators [1]
  • A variety of analysts have suggested that Sanders's Campaign shifted both the clinton Campaign and the Democratic Party politically leftward [1]
  • If elected Sanders would become the oldest person to take the office in u.s [5]
  • Not just the people who are Old now but also the people who are young now and will be older in the future. [5]
  • Polls showed that Democratic voters older than 50 preferred clinton by a large margin but those under 50 overwhelmingly favored Sanders [1]
  • On the other hand he insisted that trump who is just a few Years younger than the former vice president would have no age-related problems. [5]
  • Representative for 16 Years before being elected to the u.s [1]

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Sanders has

  • Zeroed-in on Campaign finance reform for years. [4]
  • Been outspoken on mass incarceration for many Years but did vote for a 1994 crime bill that many critics feel made the problem worse. [4]
  • Pushed for trade policy that is fair to American workers not just large multi-national corporations. [4]
  • Referred to citizens United as one of the worst decisions ever brought about by the supreme court of this country. [4]
  • When asked about his jewish heritage Sanders Has said he is proud to be jewish [1]
  • Said trump is right about the problem with trade with countries like china but Has called for a more comprehensive approach. [4]
  • Long called for eliminating tuition at public colleges and universities [2]
  • Faced criticism for praising dictatorial socialist regimes in cuba nicaragua and the soviet union in the 1980s [4]
  • Expressed reservations about eliminating the legislative filibuster which other 2020 democrats have said they're open to discussion [4]
  • As of 2016 Sanders Has said that he Has changed his position and would vote for legislation to defeat this bill [1]
  • Long been a supporter of the lgbtq community. [4]

Sanders also

  • Worked on the reelection Campaign of leon despres a prominent chicago alderman who was opposed to mayor richard j [1]
  • Opposes trump's ban on transgender people serving in the us military [4]
  • Heavily criticized u.s [1]
  • Transferred another $2.6 million from other accounts [1]

Sanders supports

  • Banning assault weapons universal federal background checks and closing the gun show loophole [1]
  • Making public college and universities tuition-free for undergraduate students [4]
  • Black lives matter [1]

Sanders who

  • Should he win Sanders Who was Born sept [6]
  • Bernie Sanders Who touched off a nine-state tour stumping for democrats on friday has not yet said if he will run for president again [3]
  • Ran as an independent placed second with 38% of the vote while Democratic state representative paul n [1]
  • Touched off a nine-state tour stumping for democrats on friday has not yet said if he will run for president again [3]

Sanders voted

  • In 2016 Sanders Voted for the federal reserve transparency Act which included proposals for a reformed audit of the federal reserve system [1]
  • Against the resolutions authorizing the use of force against iraq in 1991 and 2002 and opposed the 2003 invasion of iraq [1]
  • In 1996 Sanders Voted against a bill that would have prohibited police purchasing of tanks and armored carriers [1]
  • In 1994 Sanders Voted in favor of the violent crime control and law enforcement Act [1]
  • In 2005 Sanders Voted for the protection of lawful commerce in arms Act [1]
  • Against the 2003 iraq war which he often points to as a defining moment in his career [4]

Sanders served

  • In the house from 1991 until he became a senator in 2007 [1]
  • As a u.s [1]

Sanders said

  • In september 2017 Sanders Said that saudi arabia is an undemocratic country that has supported terrorism around the world it has funded terrorism... [1]
  • My worry is that the next time the republicans are in power they will do the same thing Sanders Said on court packing [4]
  • Now Sanders Said you’re seeing candidates coming up with ideas to try to address those issues. [3]
  • That family planning can help fight climate change [1]
  • They want a health care system which guarantees health care to all americans as a right Sanders Said in a statement [4]
  • I'm not crazy about getting rid of the filibuster Sanders Said in february [4]
  • We need to fundamentally rethink our trade policies and move to fair trade rather than just unfettered free trade Sanders Said in march 2018. [4]
  • Wade Sanders Said in a november 2018 tweet [4]
  • In october 2017 Sanders Said he would run for reelection as an independent in 2018 though he was pressured to run as a democrat [1]
  • He's open to some form of term limits for supreme court justices [4]

Sanders led

  • Bernie Sanders Led Campaign strategy to take on joe biden -- on issues [8]
  • As mayor Sanders Led extensive downtown revitalization projects [1]
  • The charge in the senate for the us to end support the saudi arabia in the yemen conflict. [4]

Sanders opposed

  • Funding nicaraguan rebels known as contras during cia 's covert war against nicaragua's leftist government [1]
  • The trans-pacific partnership which trump withdrew the us from in 2017 [4]

Sanders is

  • Bernie Sanders Is ayn rand's worst nightmare he's changing how we view socialism and exposing free market parasites [1]
  • A self-described Democratic socialist and progressive Sanders Is known for his opposition to economic inequality [1]
  • Less than a week after announcing Sanders Is estimated to have collected $10 million from nearly 360 000 donors. [4]
  • The longest serving independent in the history of the us congress and the first jewish politician to win a presidential nominating contest [4]
  • Strongly in favor of a foreign policy that involves working with the international community to solve global crises [4]
  • Some members of various us socialist parties and organizations have said that Sanders Is a reformer of capitalism not a socialist [1]
  • Strongly in favor of taxing the wealthy to address inequality calling on millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. [4]

Party presidential

  • 2016 Democratic Party Presidential candidates [1]
  • 2020 Democratic Party Presidential primaries [1]
  • Debates [1]

Party of

  • American Party Of labor [1]
  • Workers Party Of the United States [1]
  • Social Democratic Party Of america [1]
  • World socialist Party Of the United States [1]
  • Proletarian Party Of america [1]
  • Socialist Party Of america [1]
  • Socialist labor Party Of america [1]
  • European socialists [1]

Party in

  • Sanders drew parallels between his Campaign and that of the labour Party In the 2017 uk general election [1]
  • Sanders joined Vermont's liberty union Party In 1971 and was a candidate for several offices never coming close to winning election [1]

Party united

  • Democratic Party United States senators [1]
  • Third Party United States [1]

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