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  • Many people were caught flat-footed in their homes [7]
  • Trees were ripped from the ground and Many coastal shacks smashed [7]
  • Though these are slowly rumbling into history but trams continue to fascinate Many including travelers from other cities [3]
  • Many people even if they hadn’t lost their lives lost their livelihoods [7]
  • Along the coast Many men work on wooden fishing boats [7]
  • Since odisha has been hit by Many killer storms State emergency officers said they had drilled on their evacuation plans Many times [7]
  • Currently there are 31 Chief ministers in India 29 from states and 2 from union territories delhi and puducherry [5]
  • Virbhadra singh of himachal pradesh is the oldest Chief Minister in India while arunachal pradesh's pema khandu is the youngest cm in the country [5]
  • As per the indian constitution the Chief Minister of s State is the real executive authority de facto executive in that particular State [5]
  • In 1960 the indian State of bombay was split into two states maharashtra and gujarat [3]
  • Official government of India website states and union territories [1]
  • India a union of states is a sovereign secular democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government [3]
  • India is a federal union comprising 29 states and 7 union territories for a total of 36 entities [1]
  • Part a states which were the former governors' provinces of british India were ruled by an elected governor and State legislature [1]
  • Currently India has 29 states and 7 union territories [5]
  • Until 1911 kolkata was the capital of India due to its trade importance during the british rule in India [3]
  • India i.e bharat is a union of 29 states including newest State telangan and 7 union territories [4]
  • Which states of India share boundaries with bangladesh [4]
  • India post question Papers [2]
  • History and date of formation of indian states since 1947 [4]
  • Straddled between haryana and punjab the city of chandigarh was made the shared capital of the two states and of the union territory itself [3]
  • Chhattisgarh's new capital naya raipur will be renamed as atal nagar in memory of former prime Minister atal bihari vajpayee [3]
  • New delhi is both the capital and center of the government of India as well as the center of the national capital territory of delhi [3]
  • Between 1947 and 1950 the territories of the princely states were politically integrated into the indian union [1]
  • Air India question Papers [2]
  • Central bank of India question Papers [2]
  • So the above list says that there is just one women Chief Minister in the whole country i.e [5]
  • A governor of India must act according to the advice of council ministers headed by the Chief Minister [6]
  • Bank of India question Papers [2]
  • Hyderabad located entirely within the borders of telangana is to serve as the capital for both states for a period of time not exceeding ten years [1]

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India is

  • A federal union comprising 29 States and 7 union territories for a total of 36 entities [1]
  • A union Is state [5]

India question

  • Air India Question Papers [2]
  • Central bank of India Question Papers [2]
  • Bank of India Question Papers [2]

India as

  • New delhi is both the Capital and center of the government of India As well As the center of the national Capital territory of delhi [3]
  • Thereafter goa was merged with India As a union territory [3]

India in

  • With the partition of India In 1947 the old british province of punjab was divided into two parts [3]
  • Check out the state-wise current governors of India In the table mentioned below [6]

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