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  • Lilly joins sister Lana with whom She created the Matrix trilogy after alleging pressure from daily mail forced her hand [3]
  • Lana was born laurence wachowski in chicago in 1965 lilly was born andrew paul wachowski two and a half years later in 1967 [1]
  • Her sister Lana wachowski born laurence wachowski came out as transgender years earlier [2]
  • In july 2012 Lana Made her first public appearance after transitioning in a video discussing the creative process behind cloud atlas [1]
  • In october 2012 Lana wachowski received the human rights campaign 's visibility award [1]
  • Additionally Lana wachowski wrote the introduction to the 2012 published collection of lgbt q comic book stories [1]
  • Rumors that Lana wachowski was transitioning spread in the early 2000s though neither sibling spoke directly on the subject at the time [1]
  • Lana formerly larry wachowski 50 came out in 2012 and received the human rights campaign’s visibility award that year [3]
  • Lana once suggested conan the barbarian as her favorite movie based on comics to which lilly also responded enthusiastically [1]
  • Lana and lilly are self-proclaimed gamers [1]
  • Lana went to bard college in new york and lilly attended emerson college in boston [1]
  • Lana wachowski on imdb [1]
  • She said in part my sister Lana and i have largely avoided the press [2]
  • Explaining her decision to appear at the hrc event Lana said [1]
  • Because we grew up on comic books and the tolkien trilogy one of the things we're interested in is bringing serial fiction to cinema Lana has said [1]


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Matrix trilogy

  • Lilly joins sister Lana with whom she created the Matrix Trilogy after alleging pressure from daily mail forced her hand [3]
  • They're best known for movies like the Matrix Trilogy and cloud atlas with tom hanksand halle berry [2]


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