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  • I always knew bryce was going to get off easy Because this show is kind of a reflection of reality and reality sucks sometimes prentice explained [7]
  • 13 reasons why Season 3 backlash how will netflix respond to criticism [7]
  • Netflix defends renewing 13 reasons why for Season 3 [7]
  • Meanwhile in both its second Season and its third which premiered on netflix friday 13 reasons why has broadened its scope [2]
  • 13 reasons itself acknowledges at various points how insane clay’s care plan for tyler sounds but in the end it proves Clay right [2]
  • 13 reasons why renewed for Season 3 by netflix [7]
  • I know i never really tweet about 13 reasons why but i gotta say some of these last few scripts of Season 3 are the show’s best [7]
  • A new harrowing crime unfolds in Season 3 of 13 reasons why returning august 23rd on netflix [8]
  • 13 reasons why Season 3 release date when will it arrive [7]
  • 13 reasons why Season 3 cast who's coming back [7]
  • R29 binge club 13 reasons why Season 3 recap [5]
  • This post contains spoilers for 13 reasons why Season 3 [2]
  • 13 reasons why Season 3 plot how did Season 2 end [7]
  • So what else can we expect from 13 reasons why Season three [7]
  • 13 reasons why five questions Season four will have to answer [2]

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Clay tries

  • To reason with justin and marcus warns him that the worst is yet to come [10]
  • To figure out where the polaroids were taken [10]

Hannah baker

  • There's also a possibility that katherine langford will be back as Hannah Baker as we know she was in Season two despite Hannah's tragic suicide [7]
  • 13rw stars want Hannah Baker back for Season 3 [7]
  • As the school mourns the death of Hannah Baker her friend Clay receives a box of tapes with messages she recorded before she committed suicide [10]


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