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  • In Season three it gets harder and harder to empathize with him Because all he cares about is himself and getting the answers he needs about Bryce [2]
  • Realistically it’s Because the show must go on and yorkey made another troubling decision under pressure to produce more content [8]
  • It’s ok that alex killed Bryce Because they decided Bryce is bad and alex is good [8]
  • It’s okay for tv shows to not reflect real life in completely accurate ways Because tv shows are fiction and they are written to entertain [1]
  • A new harrowing crime unfolds in Season 3 of 13 reasons why returning august 23rd on netflix [5]
  • Share all sharing options for there are zero reasons why 13 reasons why Season 3 should exist [1]
  • 13 reasons why Season 3 [2]
  • 13 reasons why Season 3 is also thematically bankrupt [1]
  • This post contains spoilers for 13 reasons why Season 3 [10]
  • By focusing on rehabbing the image of a rapist 13 reasons why Season 3 quickly proves it’s creatively bankrupt [8]
  • Why oh why should 13 reasons why devote an entire Season to humanizing a rapist that’s a great question and a good answer is never provided [8]
  • Season three of 13 reasons why is a murder mystery [1]
  • Meanwhile in both its second Season and its third which premiered on netflix friday 13 reasons why has broadened its scope [10]
  • In its 13-episode third Season netflix’s 13 reasons why has proved definitively that it has no Reason left to exist [1]
  • So yes 13 reasons why Season three ends with a heroic insane morally ambiguous at best act of deceit [10]

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Bryce is

  • It’s ok that alex killed Bryce Because they decided Bryce Is bad and alex Is good [8]
  • I don’t think this Is supposed to prove that Bryce Is irredeemable [2]


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